Ableton Live 10 backward compatibility

We’re loving the Ableton 10 beta and the host of new functionality and workflow improvements. One issue it has thrown up for us which was reported in our earlier post (New Technology week at TimbresAndTones) has been that the drum racks created in Ableton Live 10 are NOT loadable into Ableton Live 9.x.

Also, those who have not yet got their hands on a beta should also know that the drum racks created in Ableton 9.x have a different color scheme when loaded into Ableton 10. This may present you a problem if you have become accustomed to a particular palette.  If so, be prepared to live with a new color scheme or to revise your drum racks.

So what is the solution and how much of an issue is this if not rectifiable ?


Create content for your lowest common denominator

Neither of these issues pose a problem per se. And we absolutely recognise the need to progress. We cannot constantly stagnate innovation at the sake of backward compatibility. Those of you out there using Ableton 9.x and who regularly collaborate and share – you can be safe knowing that your content all seems to be ok in Ableton 10 – we have not noticed any issues. However when Live 10 is released there is an inevitable period of co-existence across the community, and collaborators need to be aware of the lack of backward compatibility, certainly at the time of writing. If you are sharing or publishing content, make sure you are clear who the intended audience is and cater for your lowest common denominator of compatibility. product compatibility guarantee

For the foreseeable future will be producing Ableton Live 9 and Live 10 downloads of our content. When you purchase one of our products, you will be able download either or both versions (Ableton 10 drum racks in development and available once Ableton 10 is released) giving you both forward and backward compatibility. If you buy today, you will be able to download Ableton 10 drum racks from your account in the near future at no upgrade cost. We hope other content providers will also follow suit with both forward and backward compatibility.

Note: If however backward compatibility issues are solvable and fixed by Ableton then even the better, however this may well simply be a limitation imposed by the amount of new features being added in a major release. We cannot wait for the full release but in the meantime we continue to be impressed by the new features and also the stability of the beta versions we have tested to date.

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