TimbresAndTones.com is a digital studio musical marketplace ; created to share musical creations and utilities to the community for market leading music studio solutions.

As a group of producers using industry leading virtual software instruments we collaborated on creating utilities, shared them amongst ourselves and across our studios. Recognising the value of them we wondered  “if we find them useful then perhaps someone else will” increased workflow capabilities and time saving utilities to allow producers to get back to doing what they do best – creating!

So we created our initial platform share these creations.

Our mission

Our mission is to allow our customers to “spend less time configuring and more time producing, and to reward those who create”.

Our products

We are users of many industry leading software instruments. Too many to mention.We specialise in:-

  • Ableton Live, Max for Live and Ableton Push – drum racks and kits, instruments build for Ableton Live native instruments and optimised VST integration presets
  • Toontrack products – drum composition solutions such as ezDrummer and Superior Drummer 3, ezKeys, ezMix
  • Native Instruments – Komplete, Komplete Kontrol, Maschine – additional presets and workflow configurations
  • ROLI Seaboard and exploring MPE – advancing new configurations and ways of working with Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression

Open Digital eCommerce platform for Distribution of Music Studio utilities

In mid 2018 we opened our digital platform to those who have created their own products and interested in a risk free channel to monetise their creations, like we did. These can take the form of VST, Max for Live Devices, Drum Racks, NKS libraries, samples or presets. Anything worthwhile that can be distributed from studio to studio. If you, like us, think you have something to share then sign up to our Artist seller program.