TimbresAndTones Artist Code of Ethics

Our community of artists is a gathering of eclectic musicians, programmers, programming musicians, producing programmers and every connotation you can come up with. As part of our peaceful commune we strive to develop a creative vibrant hub to showcase our creations.

TimbresAndTones.com requires that all contributor artists adhere to an ethically-based code of conduct. By joining the TimbresAndTones community you are required and agreeing to:-

  1. Conform to all aspects of international copyright law for musical content and software
  2. Respect the intellectual property rights of others in all content submitted to the marketplace. By submitting content you agree that you have the express consent of the owner of the content (samples, presets, recording) of all creators and collaborators and are individually liable for any intellectual property breach.
  3. Ensure all profile information is legitimate and accurate avoiding all lies, exaggerations or misrepresentations of any kind.
  4. Test your products and installation support content prior to submission to confirm it provides an excellent level of service and contains no malicious or damaging content
  5. Check all submitted product content for legitimacy and quality
  6. Provide an excellent support service to customers of TimbresAndTones.com
  7. Take complete responsibility for any customer satisfaction matters arising from purchase of my artist content, and rectify all mistakes made in order to delight customers of the marketplace
  8. Recognise that your actions not only affect your brand as an artist but that of TimbresAndTones.com marketplace and indirectly all other artists using the site
  9. Charge a fair price for content. Recognise the value of your content to customer and set a price that fairly reflects the amount of development/production time and value of the content to the customer
  10. Charge a fair price and agree not to engage in price wars with other TimbresAndTones.com artists
  11. When collaborating or communicating with other registered TimbresAndTones.com artists you agree to be respectful in all manners of engagement
  12. Respect the intellectual property rights of others by not sharing other downloads from TimbresAndTones.com or any other file sharing platform that you do not own the complete rights to or have permission to share from the copyright holders.
  13. Respect the efforts of all songwriters and TimbresAndTones.com artists by not deliberately ‘borrowing’ music and/or lyrics composed by someone else and claiming them as your own.
  14. Give credit where credit is due in all matters of songwriting, recording and performing, recognizing the contributions of co writers, arrangers, producers, engineers, studio musicians, vocalist and everyone else involved in the creative process of my music.
  15. Be a responsible artist and give back to the marketplace community whenever possible.