Are you an aspiring producer and looking for a route to market to sell digital music and studio content ? Ever wanted to publish your own content and monetize your creations? Thats how we started to, and wanted to drive increased creativity and among the studio producer community. Well now you can fulfil your aims, with no risk, and its incredibly simple!  You also gain TNTPoints as rewards on your sales. Here’s how it works….

Our marketplace provides a simple to use platform for aspiring artists, producers or dedicated enthusiasts a place for you to showcase your products and generate revenue streams for your work. This can include:

  • VSTs
  • Sound and Synth presets
  • Drum racks and presets
  • Sample libraries

The platform provides Hosting,  Secure customer management, Your own Artist Dashboard and Store page, Your own submission pages to manage your own profile and content, Payment processing, Social media integration, GDPR services. You simply create, publish, and earn.

By joining our family of artist contributors you benefit from the growing community and support/network with other potential collaborators, and a simple to use platform to host and market your content. We charge no joining fees and plan to keep it that way.  We simply charge a %age of charges on your sales to support the operation, processing fees, marketing and growth of the platform. To join simply complete the form below with your detail and biography and our admin team will review your submission.

By signing up to this marketplace you are agreeing to our Artist code of ethics and agree to comply with the code in full. Our Terms of Service are also detail the process in more detail. By completing this registration form you accept our Privacy Policy

Register with TimbresAndTones to showcase your products – samples, VSTs, racks, presets, whatever.. To apply to register as a contributing artists for the artist contribution please complete the form below and your submission will be reviewed by our team who will be in touch.