TIMBRESANDTONES.COM  marketplace introduces TNTPoints.


They are absolute dynamite!


As a new functionality release to our marketplace we have introduced TNTPoints.


What are TNTPoints?

TNTPoints is our reward points system to reward our loyal marketplace customers.

Simply register for free opening balance rewards for free products 

When you register you will receive 200 TNTPoints to start your account. This opening balance is even sufficient to purchase some existing products on our marketplace without spending a penny. Every following purchase then includes further rewards.

Historical awards for existing customers!

Not only that, but we have rewarded our existing customers. We have credited your TNTPoints account with your historical purchases! Check out your balance under the new MY TNTPOINTS option in your account profile

Rewards for sellers too?

Marketplace sellers don’t miss out on this great scheme either. Your sales will also be credited TNTPoints allowing you to use your additional sale rewards to purchase great products from other artists on the marketplace. And yes, we have also credited your historical purchases. Everybody wins in the TimbresAndTones marketplace community.

Launch offer – Double Rewards

As an introductory scheme we are doubling our points rewards for the first 30 days of our explosive TNTPoints launch so take advantage of this period to build up future discounts.




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