ANNOUNCING Ableton Drum Racks for ezDrummer UK POP EZX

Our releases have been coming thick and fast, but this one is special. Completing the entire library of currently available Ableton Drum rack presets for Toontrack ezDrummer, today we launch our latest  with Ableton Drum Racks for ezDrummer UK Pop EZX expansion library. Yes, every ezDrummer EZX expansion is now build and optimised for composition and performance in Ableton Live.

This collection of Ableton Drum Racks features the deepest levels of integration available for Ableton Live and Toontrack ezDrummer. Each drum rack is the result of thousands of individual configurations and detailed mappings. Even all the macros are mapped to over 3 decimal places!

This means we have now a complete suite of Ableton Drum Racks for Toontrack ezDrummer! If you are serious about using ezDrummer in Ableton Live then these racks are essential. We also have a number of ever increasing bundles aligned to genres of ezDrummer EZX expansions that offer great value to our customers and ezDrummer die hard fans.

In addition, watch out for a brand new product line of releases from coming very soon. To stay up to date follow us on our social media pages, and also by sharing our products on social media you can get an exclusive discount in your checkout cart on your purchases.

Now back to the Ableton Drum Racks for ezDrummer UK Pop EZX library

Deep pad level integation for Ableton and Ableton Push to Toontrack ezDrummer UK Pop EZX expansion

How will these racks help me produce?

Save time using the prebuilt integration – creating your rythms and beats. Create not configure. Its all done for you.

Improve creativity and inspiration using ready made macro mapping and pad level color mapping

Innovate – navigate quickly through presets from your Push, quickly switch presets to find the timbres and tones you seek

Vast array of color coded articulations in one layout using Push 64 pad mode

Macro integration and mapping for every factory preset individually loadable from Push browser

Deep integration

Our deep integration gives so much flexibility and power to your performance and studio workflow:-

  • Amazing workflow in Ableton and on your Push to the full capabilities of the kit library saving setup time and allowing you to focus on music creation
  • Ease of navigation to load all UK Pop EZX factory presets from Ableton Push controller device browser
  • 30 Ableton Drum Racks to instantly load the factory library “mix ready” presets with Ableton mappings
  • 15 Ableton Live templates designed and pre-configured for the Multi channel audio routing of the factory content
  • Color coded pad design for visual performance and finger drumming. All our racks use consistent drum rack coloring so you can visually and immediately spot your snares from your crashes.
  • Color coded Ableton Live macros mapped to ezDrummer macros – preset values mapped to over 3 decimal places for the closest possible smooth performance!
  • All instrument articulations ready to go in one layout using Ableton Push 64 pad layout mode
  • Over 2000 individually labelled drum rack pad articulations for clear visualisation, post performance editing and automation to all drum rack / instrument articulations in Ableton Live clip editor
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