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Ableton Drum Racks for Superior Drummer 3 Dream Pop EZX expansion

Ableton Drum Racks for Superior Drummer 3 Dream Pop EZX features separate Ableton drum racks for all factory presets for the Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Dream Pop EZX expansion library.

These racks are provide out of the box integration workflow between Ableton Live and Toontrack Superior Drummer using the EZX expansions including a host of features ready to use for composition and performance using Ableton Push or similar controllers. All factory presets are ready to go in either single track of multi track routing mode using our Ableton Live templates.

Ableton Drum Racks for Superior Drummer 3 Dream Pop EZX

Ableton Drum Racks for Superior Drummer 3 Dream Pop EZX

Performance Key Features and Workflow

  • Amazing workflow in Ableton and on your Push to the full capabilities of the kit library saving setup time and allowing you to focus on music creation
  • Ease of navigation to load all Dream Pop kit factory presets from Ableton Push controller device browser
  • 58 Ableton Drum Racks to instantly load the factory library “mix ready” presets with Ableton mappings in single and multi track routing modes
  • Colour coded pad design for visual performance and finger drumming. All our racks use consistent drum rack colouring so you can visually and immediately spot your rides from your hi hat articulations.
  • Vast array of Instrument articulations ready to go in one massive layout using Ableton Push 64 pad layout mode
  • Individually labelled drum rack pads for clear visualisation, post performance editing and automation to all drum rack / instrument articulations in Ableton.
Ableton Drum Racks for Superior Drummer 3 Dream Pop EZX

Ableton Drum Racks for Superior Drummer 3 Dream Pop EZX. Every instrument articulation mapped and labelled for ultimate composition and performance

Audio Routing and Mixing

  • Ableton macros mapped to Toontrack Superior Drummer macros with preset values for ease of use in Push and simple to use automation programming.
  • SingleOut presets – 29 Ableton Drum Racks for all Dream Pop EZX factory presets single audio output to a single Ableton track. Mixing can be further enhanced through Ableton track mixer by expanding out the track for individual pad and instrument level articulation, or loading additional Ableton audio effects to the track – for example the new Ableton 10 Drum Buss!
  • MultiOut presets – featuring 29 Ableton Drum racks for all presets in multiple audio channel output from the Superior Drummer 3 output channels in to multiple Ableton audio tracks using the multi output Ableton template also provided. Track level audio mixing control in Ableton Live


Extend to your own custom Superior Drummer 3 Dream Pop EZX presets

Use the template racks and extend to your own Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Dream Pop EZX presets, swapping out individual sounds or articulations. You are 100% ready to go with the factory presets but there is no limitation to creating your own presets from these templates. Simply save a new drum rack based upon the modified TimbresAndTones template.

Minimum system requirements

Please read carefully – no refunds once downloaded

  • Ableton Live 9.5 or above to use colour pads mode on your Ableton Push
  • Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 and Dream Pop EZX – note: this download does not contain the EZX pack or Superior Drummer – you must purchase, license and install separately before installation of this pack.

Version History

  • 1.0 – Initial release
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Release date:April 29, 2018
Last updated:April 23, 2018
Current version:1.0
Product type:Ableton Drum Racks Library
File format:.zip
Requirements:Ableton Live 9 and above, Toontrack Superior Drummer 3, Toontrack Dream Pop EZX expansion
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