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Ableton Instrument Racks for Arturia V Collection 6 Upgrade from V Collection 5

Our library of Ableton Instrument Racks for the entire Arturia V Collection 6 mapped for ease of browsing on Ableton Push with each preset of the additional V Collection 6 VST  library to upgrade from V Collection 5* saved as individual instrument racks.

*Note: At this stage Analog 3 is not included due to an issue where Ableton Instrument racks become inoperable when Analog 3 is upgaded. New Instrument Racks included for DX7 V, CMI V, Piano V2, Clavinet V2, Buchla Easel V.

Features of Ableton Push VST Rack for Arturia V Collection 6

  • Browse all presets directly from Push in easily navigable directories
  • Search for Arturia named presets through your Ableton search – extremely useful workflow
  • All macros intuitively mapped and ready to use for automation
  • Easily extend to your own V Collection 6 presets by saving as additional Ableton Instrument Racks

Minimum system requirements

Please read carefully – no refunds once downloaded

  • Ableton Live 9 or above (latest Live 9.x release or latest Live 10.x release)
  • Arturia V Collection 6 library – note: this download does not contain the V Collection 6 product files – you must purchase, license and install separately before installation of this pack.

Version History

  • 1.0 – Initial Release
£6.99 – Purchase Excluding 0% tax

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Release date:May 7, 2019
Last updated:May 7, 2019
Current version:1.0
Product type:Ableton Instrument Rack, Push VST Rack
File format:.zip
Requirements:Ableton Live, Arturia V Collection 6
Price:£6.99 GBP
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