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Beyond Tech House Series gives you an idea of the effect chains needed to make your first track. (limited to drums at the moment but will expand in the future with discounts for anyone already owning a rack from this series)

Beyond Tech House Series is made for those that want to take first steps into making Tech House. These tools are equiped with a Simpler, EQ Eight and Compressor. All native devices of the Ableton Live 9 Suite software.

These audio effects are then provided with macro controls specifically set for each parameter that can have benefit from tweaking.

No samples are provided. Simply drag the sounds of your choice into the simpler corresponding to your sound.

Everything in the Beyond Tech House Series is made by the workflow used by myself.

Every download includes an Ableton Live 9 project file.

No 3rd party plugins needed.

£5.00 – Purchase Excluding 0% tax

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Release date:March 30, 2019
Last updated:March 30, 2019
Product type:Ableton Drum Rack
File format:.zip
Requirements:Ableton Live 9 or above
Price:£5.00 GBP
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